F.lux 4.131

F.lux 4.131

Adjust your display's color temperature based on the time of a day
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Tweak the color temperature of a computer's display according to your location and time of a day. Choose from an array of color and temperature values and set modes for various activities, including film watching or a darkroom mode. Get respite for the eyes and reduce the prominence of the white-blue light to sleep better even if you're staying up too late.

The amount and the type of light that your computer screen emits are just as important as the lighting conditions around you. f.lux is a tiny program that customizes the amount, temperature, and brightness of the color of your computer display. Using your current location and your average wake time, it will adapt your screen gradually to the surrounding light according to the actual time of day.

Spending long periods in front of your computer screen is stressful enough for your eyesight to add up eyestrain and other eye problems due to deficient lighting conditions. Computer displays are designed to look great during the day in terms of color and brightness, but they prove to be clearly inadequate at night. f.lux offers you an automated way to match the temperature and brightness of the light your computer display emits to the light around you. To do so, it only needs to know where you are located. With that information, the program knows exactly the time of day you’re sitting in front of your computer and dims or brightens your display accordingly. more

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  • Automatic light changing according to your location
  • Offers presets for the most light conditions
  • Includes effects and extra colors for specific light conditions
  • Supports hotkeys for the main controls


  • The light around you is based on the time of day only

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rating donkeybrain
Here's an honest bit of distasteful information (for some) - I smoke Meth, so I can and have spent up to 48 hours straight looking at a pc screen at full brightness/gaming etc.

f.lux literally is gives me less thing to worry about - my eyes stay un-strained and relatively relaxed. Without it I get a consistent pain/irritation that slowly builds and builds.

Sad story, but whatever, thanks f.lux - just thought you should know you're helping out.

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rating Mubashar Iqbal
Excellent software.

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Excellent software. Highly recommended for those working late at night, trying to limit the 'blue light' that can affect the quality of your sleep. The reason for leaving 1 Star off, is because I work in Graphic Design where color accuracy is key. It is simple enough to temporarily turn off f.lux with one click for one hour, but I would truly love to see something implemented that can be triggered by launching Photoshop, for example, that f.lux would automatically revert to default coloring/lighting. I've forgotten to turn if on/off too many times and I've been disappointed that I didn't catch it at the time.

That is strangely, one of the great things about f.lux - that after the initial oddity of everything being shifted in colors at different times of the day... after a while, your body simply gets used to it and you really don't even notice it working in the background. I has been a lifesaver for my eyes while doing late-night projects, and found myself naturally getting tired earlier than I would've before - subtle, but very effective!

I look forward to more improvements and additions to the software in the future. I hope they don't forget about Windows users, as it seems (and I may be wrong) that much of the attention is focused on the Mac community in terms of improvements and updates.

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