F.lux 4.6

Reduces the negative effects of working in front of a computer monitor

f.lux can help reduce the negative effects of working in front of a computer monitor. It has been designed to adjust your screen´s color temperature and brightness in relation to your location and time of the day. Moreover, it takes into account the type of lighting used in the room you are in. The program is based on studies about the psychological and physiological effects of light. Thus, the tool increases brightness in the morning and reduces blue light after the sun goes down. This prevents such harmful consequences as insomnia and drowsiness.

The tool uses a graph to show the body´s circadian response, which you can adjust according to the time you usually wake up. Likewise, you can set it to use your preferred color combination. In this respect, it is good to know that there are some intended, for example, to reduce eye strain and increase productivity when you are working late. The program runs from the system tray and does the rest of the job automatically so that you do not need to worry about recalibrating your screen´s luminosity anymore. There is at least one thing, however, that could make the tool a little better. In my opinion, it could automatically get your location provided you agree with that.

All in all, f.lux is a very simple tool but it is also very popular. It has versions for Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and Mac, so you will not miss it when you switch between these operating systems. Finally, it is excellent news that it is free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Works automatically
  • Comes with various presets
  • Adapts light to your location and time of the day
  • Versions for various platforms


  • Cannot get your location automatically
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